Stop The Addictions | Drugs and Drinking no more, A 40 day program: Day 2
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Drugs and Drinking no more, A 40 day program: Day 2

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and AA, say that we should admit we are powerless over drugs or drinking-that our lives have become unmanageable. If you believe that write out five things for you that support this theory.
1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________
4. _____________________________________________________________________
5. _____________________________________________________________________

I really hate to admit that they are right. I most earnestly want to believe that I still have the power. But any “real” drug or alcohol user has lost the power. If you still believe you have the power this is something to consider over the next few weeks.

Many of you are 100% aware that you agree with NA and AA on this. But if you don’t have the power, who does? There are two power sources for you. The first is to join a NA or AA group. The second is your Higher Power.

Does God exist? Is there really a higher power? Thunderstorms, oceans, and fire have more power than you do. List three things that have more power than you do.




Did you learn about God at a Church as a child? ___________

Do you currently believe in God? _______

Do you know people who strongly believe in God who seem happy and fulfilled? ______

God has an overwhelming love for you. But we often put up a wall between ourselves and God and shut Him out. Over the next 39 days we will discover how to break down that wall so that you can experience God and be fully aware of His love.


If you don’t believe in God currently that is OK. If He is real He will show Himself to you if you really seek Him. But it is very important that you are open to the possibility of God. If He is the Truth and the life then we really can’t flourish without Him.

For me I have found that I have more joy and real love in my life when I try to do things God’s way. Even if you struggle to believe what I say is true – you can still try it. Just ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

List four reasons why believing in God could be good for you.





How to Form New Habits

Phillippa Lally is a health psychology researcher at University College London. In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Lally and her research team decided to figure out just how long it actually takes to form a habit. (new habits designed to help break old habits.)

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances. In Lally’s study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit.


I will repeat many things many times in this 40 day program. If you develop a habit of saying certain statements multiple times each day your thinking will change. Then your habits will change. The more you embrace this repetition the stronger your control over your addiction will become.

Start a journal and fill it with ideas about quitting drugs or drinking. Add new idea’s as often as possible and review and highlight the best idea’s.

Consider how daily Bible reading may be good for your life.
Today we will continue to follow several people who are trying to quit to what they are doing – Ty, Sue, Tom, Joy and TJ.

Tom has added golf to distract him from temptation. He hits plastic golf balls in his back yard.

New activities to replace drugs/drinking can make a big difference.


TJ talked to his pastor about trying to find new “clean” friends? (Remember this may take some work as well as some time).

Ty loves to just wing it every day – and bad things happen very often. But today he decides to do what his AA sponser told him to do – “Say to yourself at least twice today: Drugs or/and drinking have caused me destruction and pain, they have in the past and they will in the future.”

Sue has avoided joing NA like it was a plague. Today she decided she just couldn’t make it on her own. She joined NA.

Joy is trying to make a habit of saying: “This temptation will go away if I don’t act on it. If I give in it will return and it may be even stronger next time. If I don’t give in it will go away and someday it will go away for good. I have the self control to change”.

It’s amazing how powerful you subconscious mind is. Every single time you do a new positive activity, your subconscious programs it into your brain. The more you do it, the more entrenched the program becomes.
To reduce temptations or cravings make a Relapse Prevention Card to Take with You

Today write a relapse prevention card to carry around with you.

An Example Relapse Prevention Card

The Four Ds

  1. Delay – Delay for 20 minutes and the cravings may dissipate on their own.
  2. Distract – Craving time passes more quickly when engaged in a distracting activity for a few minutes.
  3. Deep breathing – Deep breathing exercises relax you and may give you a new focus
  4. Drink a glass of water


Fold a paper into four squares:

  1. On the first square, write out The Four Ds (I shortened the 4 Ds for todays session. Some of you may want to review yesterdays sessions for the longer version of the 4 Ds).
  2. On the second square, write out 5 or 10 personally relevant distraction ideas
  3. On the third square, write out 3 or 4 of your most significant reasons for wanting to stay clean and sober
  4. On the fourth square, write out some negative expectations -accurate predictions for what will happen if you slip and use or drink.

Negative Expectations – When you’re about to relapse you tend to focus on positive expectations and gloss-over negative expectations.

Some examples of positive expectations are:

  • “I’d have such a good time if I did a few lines and went out dancing.” Or “I am so stressed right now– a few drinks would really relax me…”

Some examples of negative expectations are:

  • “If I drink tonight I will feel hung-over and ashamed tomorrow.” Or “If I start doing cocaine I won’t stop until all of my money is gone.”

By writing down accurate negative expectation statements you provide a counter-balance for the positive expectation statements your addicted mind manufactures all on its own.

Determine to think about new activities several times today. If you have nothing to do make it 50 times. You will at some point become what you think about.

TJ wrote out the activities he planned to do today. He then started a notebook to keep track of new ideas about how to stay clean as well as ideas about new activities.

What new habits do you want/need to start?

Every day write down which day you just finished so that you can keep track of where to start tomorrow.

“We are what we think.”

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