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    When a trigger hits it is wise to stop and think. What is happening and why is it happening. #2 Write down your thoughts and emotions in that situation. #3 Have a plan for fighting triggers. First, have a couple of prayers and start praying them fervently. Next, say repeatedly, “I can always stop temptation with the verses for quitting if it starts to overwhelm me.”

    Second, it is vital to get active in some way once you are triggered. Think of 3 physical activities. Pick the best one. But, what if you don’t feel like doing that activity? Remember, you are doing it so that you can quit and have a great life, not because you want a spectacular experience that minute. Consider saying every few minutes during your new activity:

    “This plan will really help me learn how to deal with triggers.”

    Finally, start giving thanks for the good things you have, and start to praise the Lord. You can overcome triggers and someday you will be able to help others overcome as well. That’s the purpose-driven life.