Stop The Addictions | Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 56
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Gambling Freedom in 60 Days: Day 56

My parents got conned. A rare coin dealor called them at home. He told my mom he could sell her a coin that would double in value. The con is: after she buys the coin he calls her back 6 weeks later and says – that coin you bought for 2500 is now worth 3500. It just so happens that I have another coin that will go up just as fast. She buys that coin also and the next thing you know 13000 of their 48000 net worth is wrapped up in coins. At this point I find out about what they are doing. She has told the con man she will buy another coin. I tell her that it is a con and she can’t buy it. She says “I told him I would buy it, if I don’t I will then have lied. She bought the coin.

It was not that she didnt believe me that she bought the coin it was because she would not lie. Almighty God in heaven was watching her refuse to lie and I think He was happy with her. I would like to tell you that He was so happy with her that she got all her money back. But that did not happen. She got the greed bug and when it all played out their 16000 turned into  2200. They sold out a few years later for a big loss.

But the story has a happy ending. My mom turns 90 this year. She has her mind and her health. She still helps every single person that she can and she is blessed and has a full joy in her life. She is broke but she has food and good shelter. She tells everyone she can about Jesus Christ and she is a great witness.

Most of us have messed up just like she did. But then we fall into sin. She refused to fall into sin even though she messed up big time. She would not even lie to the guy who was stealing from her.

Be like my mom. If at your hardest time God looks down on you and you are fighting to get the sin out you will get your reward. If at your hardest time you are working to help others you will get your reward.

I can tell you from my stockbroker days that I knew many old people who had nothing. They had 500,000 but they had nothing.

My mom is a very rich poor woman. If you want everthing, strive to have ethics and morals like my mom.

So if you ever again lose a bunch of money doing what you should not be doing, don’t sin, talk to God. You may be finally ready to hear what He has to say to you.

Read 1 Corinthians 2

Finding our purpose
Some of you are starting to find your purpose but what you are currently doing to help people may seem small to you. But we need to do right now what God has given us to do. We have to bloom where we are planted right now. If we are not faithful with the small task that God has given us to do right now He will never give us a more important task.
David in the Bible is famous for killing the giant Goliath. But first God had him praying in the fields as a sheep shepherd. Then he was faithful playing music to serve king Saul. Then many years later after he served faithfully he was given the task to win a victory for Israel. After he passed this test (we are always tested before we can go to the next level) he became king of Israel.

Bloom where you are planted right now.

Fulfill your purpose – do something to help. Pray “Father, bring people to this website and give them a chance to overcome addiction, find your love, start to find their purpose and to start to find joy again.” 

7.      Checklist for avoiding relapse: Go to support groups – either to get help or to start to find your purpose by doing your part to help others.
7.   Pray: “Father, help me to quit my gambling addiction, and to learn how to think about other things instead of gambling and to learn what to do instead.”


Day one: Quitting addiction exercises

Day two: It is important to admit you are powerless

Day 3: Learn the right way to live

Day 4: Getting rid of negative emotions

Day 5: Remember – money lost is not yours. Don’t try to get it back or you will lose more

Day 6: can you increase your pleasure by gambling?

Day 7: Staying clean in all ways helps you quit the addiction

Day 8: Decide what pain and pleasure you want

Day 9: Analyze what leads you back to your addiction

Day 10: Change your emotions and your mindsets. Stop believing that your big score will come in.


Day 11: Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is liberty

Day 12: Learn how to worship God. Also try to develop positive addictions.

Day 13: Write out a letter saying why you want to quit

Day 14: Overcoming cravings and negative emotions

Day 15: You have some self control

Day 16: Have a list of coping statements. Have a list of substitute activities.

Day 17: How to find living water that will always satisfy you

Day 18: Do not have faulty beliefs abourt gambling odds

Day 19: Interview with a professional poker player

Day 26: Which prayers are answered quickly – which prayers time more time and persistence

Day 27: How to fill the vacuum that addiction caused

28: Finding a good church

29: Knowing why you can’t quit can help you plan how to quit

30: How to eliminate the vacuum created by quitting

31: Tripping your addiction trap. Overcoming sloth

32: You need clean people around you if you are going to stay clean

33: Use real math not gambling math

Day 34: Don’t condemn yourself


Day 35: Don’t test yourself to see if it is safe to gamble a little bit

Day 36: Knowing why you can’t quit can help you quit

Day 37: Do not chase pipe dreams

Day 38: Getting the anger out

Day 39: The vice of greed

Day 40: Specific planning helps break addiction

Day 41: Embrace the truth about gambling. Know your odds of hitting the big score.

Day 42: Quitting permanently

Day 43: Financial problems

44: Overcoming cravings

Day 45: The importance of helping others right now

Day 46: The devil is always campaigning for you

Day 47: Who or what do you worship

Day 48: Finding peace

Day 49: Be faithful in small things and God will promote you to bigger things

Day 50: Do something good for somebody

Day 51: Pride leadeth to a fall

Day 52: How to be in God’s blessing

Day 53: Your addiction seems to have a life. Kill it with strict boundaries

Day 54: Have a list of things you can do when temptation is severe

Day 55: Learn from the Lord’s prayer