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Overcoming Addictions

Welcome to our site. This site gives you a place where you can get free help from addiction every day for a long period of time. Please click on a picture below to read about overcoming various habits. If you have an addiction that we only have a couple of articles for, you can likely use the drugs and drinking no more 45 day program; it has a multitude of tips that are helpful with many addictions.

We are dedicated to helping people overcome addictions with simple techniques that anyone can learn. For a few people the fix will be quick but for many it takes work. Looking at a video or article is helpful but the key to recovery is to keep watching the video’s or reading the articles over and over again until you form new habits which will keep you from going back to your addiction. The more you learn new idea’s and develop new habits the shorter your road to success will be.   So if you like what you see here, add us to your favorites for easy access to the 200 articles on breaking addiction.

My new book is out on Amazon. How Jonny Quit Drugs is 24 action-packed, fictional adventures Jonny goes on, which teach him how to quit drugs. At the end of each story, he talks to his mentor Gordon, who helps him learn from his adventure and learn about his Higher Power. The 24 adventures include: Titanic, Pearl Harbor, the Matrix, the Exorcist, Amish Adventure, the Screwtape Letters, the Pleasure Principle, Escaping Reality and many others.

This book teaches you practical techniques on how to renew your mind while having fun. These vivid stories will help you form new habits that will allow you to quit for good.

Copy and paste the title: “How Jonny Quit Drugs” at Amazon to access it. 

The most important point that I would like to stress is that reading or hearing about ways to break habits is important but the key to success is to find your purpose so that you will have a legitimate reason to stop your addiction. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is a great book on finding your purpose.

What The Bible Says About Addiction is my 340 page e-book which is filled with new information about quitting addiction. My book has a large number of ideas about quitting addiction and renewing the mind.  Writing this book completely changed my mindset, I believe that reading it will do the same for you. Click here to access it. Leave a good review if you like it.

I am currently reading The Heart of Addiction By Mark Shaw. I recommend this book if you like hard nosed Bible based solutions to addictions. He has a lot of wisdom on how life should be live. This great book has many specific suggestions which you can use to fight addiction.

If you have an addiction that has your body broken down badly please keep in mind that you need a doctors guidance before you start any complete abstinence or exercise program.

You can access video’s and articles via the left hand panel.